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Verified Reviewer Original review: I have always shopped at CVS and have received numerous coupons.

Write a cvs review

Discussion Joe Edwards Aug 2, 4: Our daughter was sick and getting worse. Based on our knowledge of our daughter and her symptoms, we asked the nurse to prescribe an antibiotic which she refused to do as she saw no reason to do so.

We went out of town for the holidays and upon returning 4 days later she was worse and we went to a real clinic to see a real doctor who indicated that my daughter had bronchitis and was in need of an antibiotic.

Upon hearing that I contacted CVS to demand a refund based on the previous diagnosis and the unwillingness to prescribe the antibiotic. They indicated that I would have to contact the corporate person write a cvs review that it could take up to 7 days for her to respond.

We heard from the person several days later who expressed that she would check into the situation and try to get it resolved.

After which we received a letter indicating that the nurse had followed the proper procedures. Following procedures and having enough knowledge and skill to know when someone is genuinely sick apparently is two different things and apparently not a requirement of the CVS Minute Clinics.

This is the same clinic that once upon a time my ears were clogged with wax and I went to the Minute Clinic to get them cleaned out. After a brief conversation they told me that my ears were full of wax which is what I told them when I arrived.

They then told me that I would have to see a Doctor because at that time they did not have the piece of equipment necessary to clean out my ears. I have been in a similar situation. There are some things to keep in mind. Even if you kid has only been sick for a few days, you have to tell them you have been sick for much longer for them to take it seriously.

write a cvs review

Also keep in mind Minute clinic is for simple stuff, that is often solved with medication. I would never visit a minute clinic to have something removed, or cleaned. When a clinic starts offering more advanced care, this has a great liability to the clinic, and will raise their insurance costs.

They can offer what they do at low prices, because they are only setup to treat very simple stuff. They were practicing defensive medicine. They play by a book which gives them the least amount of liability for cases in which a patient decides to sue.

Many Doctors practice this way. If you want to blame someone blame the goverment. They give free care to the poor IE those with undocumented income, but not really pooras a result we all pay higher taxes, insurance premiums, and hospital fees to cover these people.

Doctors get Sued a lot this forces many of them to practice defensive medicine. Which is what you experienced. I am thrilled to know I can walk into a CVS and get a prescription filled.

Just have to say the right things.

write a cvs review

I know its not ideal, especially for parents like yourself. John Sep 23, 9: No matter how much insurance I carry, no matter who my insurance carrier is, no matter that I endure a battery of questions at check in that is more thorough than the ensuing medical exam, no matter that I pay the requested amount at the time of service, MinuteClinic always seems to send me a followup bill.

It is cheaper and more effective for me to just wait and see my regular doctor. When I first started using MinuteClinic, this was never an issue. Now, however, it is commonplace. They have lost a customer in me and my family.

Furthermore, I work in an environment where I contact and influence many people, and I use my position to communicate the poor business practices of MinuteClinic. Paul Sep 23, 9: However they lacked details. Your views would be more valuable if you were to share the minute clinic location that caused you so much stress.

Also who is your health insurance provider, and what were the other providers you had? Your response inferred you have received services from them when covered by multiple carriers. What kind of coverage were your providers supposed to give you?

Most of them tend to be nothing more than ranting and lack details.The review pointed out the flaws in my CV and the recommendations were spot on. The entire process took only a week and my CV was transformed from the first draft. Austin created a CV and a cover letter that I was very happy with.

To get an employer interested, you need to explain how your skills, attributes and achievements match those needed in the job vacancy.

You can use information about your work history, including voluntary work, life experience, education and training and, if relevant, personal activities. reviews for CVS, stars: "Tried it recently and love it!!!. Good products, timely delivered via shipping.

Was what I expected, plus what a nice surprise - plus free gifts inside my box. To protect your financial security, please do not enter any financial information in the notes. Should it be necessary to examine your purchase record(s), we will access that information by using your ExtraCare card (if you used it during your purchase) or by reviewing the information from the receipt.

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