Thera putty exercises for handwriting analysis

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Thera putty exercises for handwriting analysis

Some children have nervous systems that are wired so that they do not process sensory input efficiently. Some children seek out sensory input, while others avoid sensory input.

A sensory diet can provide or modify sensory input to meet the needs of a child. Increase the activity level of an under-aroused or passive child.

Therapy Putty Exercises

Prevent uncomfortable reactions to sensory input. Reduce sensory seeking self-stimulatory behavior. Increase a child s productivity and comfort in the environment. This system also involves a person s ability to discriminate one sound from another.

A child with auditory defensiveness may demonstrate over sensitivity to certain sounds and may involve irritable or fearful responses to noises ex fire alarms, air conditioning, etc.

Children may even make excessive noise in an attempt to block out sound.

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It is responsive to motion or to the change of head position. It influences balance, muscle tone, and posture, coordination of eye and hand movements, the ability to use both sides of the body together and arousal levels.

Add weight to what is being carried. Slow, rhythmical, linear movement, one direction to and fro Chair push-ups Wall push-ups Pull on theraband Wheel-barrow walking Moving furniture desks, chairs Carrying heavy books Do wake-up activities before starting academic day.

Repeat regularly throughout the day or as needed. Incorporate math or spelling activities into obstacle courses, bean bag tosses etc.

Hand Strengthening Activities for Children |

Most beneficial if the child provides the sensory input to him or herself 2. Some children may prefer deep touch: Most children will accept touch to the arms and legs. Allow them to provide input to their face and mouth independently.

Try to provide stimulation in a quiet, separate area. This will help to decrease other sensory inputs. Use manipulatives during math time Spelling games with magnetic numbers Fidget boxes available For a child that is hypersensitive: Use paint brushes or sponges for painting or gluing Seat the child in the back or side of class to minimize touching Alert the child before touching them Have the child follow a visual schedule-outline the pictures with various tactile substance Allow the child to sit on a carpet square or chair during difficult group activities 6 TOUCH Touch is very important for protection, fine motor skills and social interactions.

Qualities that make touch calming: It is important for judging the force of movements and for executing smooth and controlled body movements. It works with the tactile system to help us know where our body is in relation to other people and objects in the environment.

Any movements of the joints and muscles that increase resistance also increase proprioception. They may avoid or over react to try to minimize their exposure to certain types of stimuli.

thera putty exercises for handwriting analysis

Other children may seem to seek out or crave certain tastes, textures or input in their mouths. These students might frequently put things in their mouth or chew on things to satisfy their nervous system s need for more intense sensations.North Bickett Blvd.

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Regain Fine Motor Skills with Hand Putty Exercises

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Aug 04,  · OT Theraputty exercises with explanation Lisha Pothast Fine Motor Activity to Strengthen Hand Muscles for Handwriting using Kid Friendly Balls How To Do a SWOT Analysis.

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