The curse of the rocking chair

September 20, by Fiction Editor Beth Hill last modified September 24, Did you know that stories with first-person narration face a curse? What kind of curse, you may be asking. Many of the first-person manuscripts I see start off as tales and remain as tales rather than turn into novels.

The curse of the rocking chair

The pint-sized chunk of straw-stuffed clothing and cloth was alleged to be possessed by evil spirits that terrorized every family that was unfortunate enough to come into possession of the devilish toy. It was rumored that the Otto family often mistreated the servant girl and the three-foot, sailor-suited doll with human hair said to have been taken from the young Gene himself was her revenge for the abuse she suffered at the hands of the Otto family.

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Soon they began to hear the doll answering Robert in return. At first they believed that Eugene was simply changing his voice but after neighbors reported seeing the doll moving from window to window while the family was out of the home, they came to suspect that the doll itself had somehow come to life.

It even had its own place at the family dinner table. The Otto family reported that sometimes the doll would emit a terrifying giggle. They began to catch glimpses of the doll skittering from room to room, staying just out of sight.

A plumber once fled from the house after turning to look at the doll and seeing it snicker at him with a grimacing, evil grin.

The curse of the rocking chair

Despite once again being secured in the upstairs room, Robert the Doll continued to affect the family and their friends. Guests to the home claimed to hear footsteps and movement in the attic, often followed by demonic laughter.

School children told their parents that the doll taunted them as they walked past the home soon all children began crossing the street to avoid passing in front of the house.

It was even rumored that Gene often found the doll in a downstairs rocking chair and that he would seize the doll and return it to the attic only to find it again rocking in the chair some time later. One of the new residents, a ten-year-old girl, fell in love with the stuffed toy.

Soon after taking possession of the doll, things took a turn for the worse. The young girl often found her dolls with their heads popped off.

It was not long before the girl began screaming out in the night, claiming that Robert moved about the room and even attempted to attack her on multiple occasions. When the family discovered their dog in the living room tied tightly with cord, they returned Robert the Doll to the attic.

After the girl reached adulthood, she still stood by her childhood claim that Robert the Doll was alive — and evil. It reported that Anne has been seen descending the turret room staircase. She was described as beautiful and wearing her wedding dress.

It is enclosed in a sealed plastic case. Museum staff claim that strange activity occurs when the doll is nearby. Also, Robert was placed differently than when the employee last saw him.

Some say that the doll occasionally taps on the glass to scare visitors and employees always leave a bag of peppermints in his case with him in an attempt to cajole him into misbehaving.Antique Photograph Kodak Old Woman Rocking Chair Photo.

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This rocker is a great rocking chair for nursery for those looking for that quintessential baby rocker, but with a few added design and comfort perks. Words of the curse would soon follow and the Busby Inn Stoop became notorious for its haunted chair that killed all who sat in it.

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He’d have to be a sociopath. The year old chair is believed to have belonged to Napoleon – but the ghost which haunts the piece of furniture takes the form of a young woman named Amelia, who appears in a blue haze.

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