Save nature save earth essay

So this is our responsibility to save earth to ensure that our future generations get a safe environment.

Save nature save earth essay

Background[ edit Save nature save earth essay The format of Saving Planet Earth was something of a departure for the Unit, using celebrities not normally associated with natural history programmes rather than selecting a familiar face from its pool of specialists.

The season began with a special hour-long programme on BBC One entitled "Sharing Planet Earth", a clarion call for action to conserve nature, presented by David Attenborough. It was followed by nine documentaries broadcast nightly over the course of a fortnight, in which celebrities investigated the plight of endangered species.

Each programme was introduced by Alan Titchmarsh and featured a short narration by Attenborough to provide some background information on the featured species. Presented by Michaela Strachanit aimed to show audiences the threats facing British wildlife, and how they could help by becoming directly involved in conservation.

A second five-part series on the CBBC Channel followed seven young competition winners on their own personal journeys to destinations including Brazil and Borneo to report on threatened species.

The season culminated with a live fundraising evening to raise money for a newly established conservation charity, the BBC Wildlife Fund. Episodes[ edit ] 1.

Save nature save earth essay

We know that we are using more than our fair share of the planet and its resources and we must now redress this imbalance. Any effort to do so — no matter how big or small — is valuable, if we wish to ensure a future that is healthy for all life on planet Earth so we have to save earth from various types of Pollution, Waste food, Drained Water etc.

The earth is our mother planet in which we born and understand learn to speak, learn to walk and learned everything that we are now able to do.

People all over the world celebrate this grand event all to protect flora and fauna and clean up the earth on which we live. Our life will be waste if we have no any goal.

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Without any goal we will feel unlucky, waste life etc. But if we don't Save Planet Earth then, our Earth will be destroyed and we can't live. So, Save Planet Earth. Saving Gorillas[ edit ] In the first of nine minute films focussing on particular threatened species, pop star Will Young travels to Cameroon to report on the plight of the lowland gorilla.


Although more numerous than its mountain-dwelling cousins, its numbers are declining fast due to habitat loss and poaching. Saving Tigers[ edit ] Tigers have been a protected species for many years, but despite this they are increasingly threatened by extinction due to poaching and increasing conflict with humans.

But can the spiritual and deeply felt respect for tigers held by ordinary Indians offer a lifeline for the species? Newsreader Fiona Bruce reports from Bandhavgarh National Parkwhere acclaimed wildlife cameraman and tiger expert Alphonse Roy has been watching and filming them for 20 years.

Saving Crocodiles[ edit ] DJ Edith Bowman travels 6, miles to Cambodia on the trail of the very rare Siamese crocodilewhich was hunted to brink of extinction.

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Now, conservation charities such as The Wildlife Conservation Society and Fauna and Flora International are working in partnership with the Cambodian government and have established a crocodile farm to increase the population size. Saving Albatross[ edit ] Carol Thatcher flies to the Falkland Islands to find out why the black-browed albatross and its relatives are under threat.

Albatross numbers have plummeted in recent years due to long-line fishing practices. Fewer than 2, are left in the wild due to poaching for their horns.It is possible to defeat these problems if the entire humanity changes its approach towards nature, natural resources and the value of nature for its wellbeing.

In simple words, people should go green to save Earth. Dec 11,  · Without the Earth we have no where to live, along with many other organisms. If we don�t save the Earth now maybe our children or grandchildren .

Save Earth, Save Life Stop Global Warming The group of young and and socially concerned citizens have got together to begin the mission of saving earth, saving Human life of generations ahead by contributing to reduce the global Warming.

Global Warming is not a . Environment Essay Save Environment save Earth An environment consists of all the things like the living and the non living things in it. It can be classified as natural environment and Built environment.

Save nature save earth essay

Apr 20,  · So in this article, we are giving you all the information you required to participate in the competitions like essay writing, speech etc.

Information such as the history of the earth, challenges, and problems faced by earth, earth’s geographical and historical features, the importance of saving earth and solutions and ways to save and conserve the earth.5/5(2).

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Mar 20,  · Actually the earth doesn't belongs to us we belong to the earth. We should always try to save our mother earth, I really love my planet and its nature. Well I just want that a single person in this world should think that "IF WE WILL SAVE IT TODAY WE WILL NOT SUFFER TOMORROW " and that's what I want to leslutinsduphoenix.coms:

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