If i could go back in time

What would you do? Think of the pain and challenges that defined that period for you—heartache, loss, failure, shattered dreams, mistakes, regrets, doubts, fears. Would you change anything? When I asked myself this question, my first impulse was:

If i could go back in time

Share Recently, I was speaking to an old friend. We were reminiscing about the past and talking about all the good times we once had. But we also talked about some of the bad times. We had started a software company together when I was fresh out of college.

And like any other two wild-eyed entrepreneurs, we had our sights set on success no matter what the costs. But with little knowledge of sales and marketing at the time, although we had a great product, we had no idea how to run a company.

So we eventually failed. I still remember when we had to fire all the employees and my old friend, Alex, who did the firing, had tears streaming from his eyes. To say that we were both devastated is an understatement.

Going Back In Time To Change Things

In our conversation, we talked about going back in time and what we would do differently. We talked about how we would have managed the employees better, where we would have spent our advertising dollars, and how we would have enhanced the sales cycle.

As we were talking about it, something really dawned on me. I would never want to go back in time and do things differently. I would never want to undo my failures, as much as they hurt me.

Sure, success is great. It really helps you come to some powerful realizations about life, love, the world and the people around you.

But eventually I figured it out. I figured out what I was doing wrong. I figured out why I would succeed for a brief period, then fail. But I would have never figured it out had I not failed.

I also would never have learned some of the most important lessons in life without those failures. I always wanted to travel in time.

I wanted to go forwards. I was less interested in changing things and far more intrigued by what the world would look like in the future.If I Could Go Back In Time by J.B. leslutinsduphoenix.com I could go back in time what should I do Should I change the relationship between me and you Is it worth the effort to change the way things are.

Page. Go back to a time before humans, to like 80 million BC, to experience a world without humanity.

If i could go back in time

And to see dinosaurs. But my suspicion is I’d get there and wouldn’t be able to find any dinosaurs, or if I did, it would be cool for 10 minutes and then they’d be eating some grass and I’d remember that dinosaurs were just animals and.

I was an average student, but I wish I could go back in time and make a better choice. I worked in manufacturing for 30 years. I made a good living and worked on manufacturing parts for things such as the space shuttle, missile launchers on nuclear submarines, hoists for shrimp boats.

It could be that some physicists are right, in that, when we go back in time, change something, and then come back, then our reality could simply revert to its original state, as the ripples I was. Oct 25,  · Would you?

I mean if you could go back to a certain time of your life, like when you were a teenager, would you go? I would like to go back to when I was maybe 14 - . Aug 27,  · If I could travel back in time, I would certainly want to be in that time and place as a child when she was a little girl.

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