Ethical problems in physical therapy

Have you ever realized how many of these situations you might be encountering on a daily basis as an OT? The following situations are all dilemmas that either I or my colleagues have faced in our jobs around the country. Photocopying assessments instead of ordering them. Alright, so this is pretty obviously copyright infringement.

Ethical problems in physical therapy

He soon learns that this sequential dual relationship, unbeknownst to him, was deliberately initiated by the former client who "grabbed" the case for herself.

Paul's therapist, Gina, and Paul are engaged in sequential multiple relationships. Gina was Paul's supervisor and the couple's therapist for Paul and his estranged wife.

At the present time, she is Paul's individual therapist and also his estranged wife's individual therapist Note: Sometimes dual relationships are unavoidable such as in small, rural, church, LGBT, minority communitiesmandated such as in the military and correctional institutionsunexpected this can happen anywhere and any time or initiated by the client such as with Mia in In Treatment.

A movie that similarly presents unexpected and unplanned dual relationships is Prime. What about Bob presents multiple relationships that were initiated by the client. Not all dual or multiple relationships are created equal.

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They can be concurrent or sequential, simple or complex, ethical or unethical, accidental or deliberate, and voluntary or mandated. There seems to be agreement that providing psychotherapy and clinical consultation at the same time is not a good idea in most situations, due to conflicting roles and responsibilities.

Similarly, providing therapy to students who concurrently are attending the therapist s class should be avoided, if possible. In situations where it is not possible, extra precautions must be taken.

Generally, it is less complicated if the therapeutic relationship comes after the professor-student relationship compared to the other way around. Each situation is different and sometimes even complex dual relationships cannot be avoided in small or rural communities and in educational and training institutions.

Making the shift from a consultant or supervisor role to the therapist role can be appropriate, depending on the therapist, client, timing, setting, relationship, and form of therapy.

Ethical problems in physical therapy

Again, it all depends on the context of therapy.This study identified and described ethical problems encountered by physiotherapists in their practice and physiotherapists’ moral sensitivity in ethical situations.

A questionnaire-based survey was constructed to identify ethical problems, and the Moral Sensitivity Questionnaire Revised version was used to measure moral sensitivity. We believe it is important to become familiar with the basic ethical guidelines that therapists should follow before you begin therapy with a new therapist, and we encourage you to do so.

Ethical Decision Making to Avoid Disciplinary Action Physical therapy is considered to be in its ethical infancy. Ethical decision making is a very mature professional ability and as a profession, our maturity is evolving.

Most of the time they do not know very much about physical therapy until they actually need it, so they are unable. Health Physical Therapy Guidelines: Legal and Risk Management Issues was created to help physical therapists to develop effective risk management strategies in this unique practice environment.

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A year-old man is referred to physical therapy (PT) for sciatica, degenerative disc disease and degenerative joint disease.

He is the sole caretaker for his disabled wife. Over the past month, he has lost his capacity to bend, lift and carry during activities of daily living and work. Topics related to the key issues will include: marketing, quality improvement, utilization review, legal and ethical issues such as sexual harassment, and integration of the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice and the LAMP (Leadership, Administration, Management, and .

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