Creative writing activities for 1st graders

I love journaling so much that some years ago I wrote and published two kids journals. Personally, I am rarely at a loss for something to write about in my journal. But, that is not the case for everyone.

Creative writing activities for 1st graders

If you enjoyed these prompts, buy the entire collection of 1, Writing Prompts for Holidays on Amazon. What is the best treat you could ever hope to find in an Easter egg? How excited would you be if you actually found it and what would you do with such a prize? What would make the treat so special?

You hear a knock on your front door and it's the Easter Bunny! He says that he's extremely tired and could use some motivation to keep delivering Easter baskets around the world. What do you say to the Easter Bunny to give him the pep talk he needs? Describe the most colorful Easter egg you've ever seen.

What are all the different colors represented and how would you describe the pretty pattern if there is one? Imagine that the animal of the holiday was not a bunny at all but some other animal entirely. What animal would you choose to be the face of the holiday and why?

What are some of the other ways the holiday would change with this new and improved animal? Easter is one of the biggest holidays of the spring season.

creative writing activities for 1st graders

What is the thing you like the most about spring and why? What is the thing you like the least about spring and why don't you like it? It's a tradition for people to try to wear some of their finest clothing during the holiday for Church services.

What do you think your Easter outfit would look like if you were trying to look your best? How would you try to spice it up to make it more interesting and why? What kind of candies and toys would make up your perfect holiday basket?

Why would you choose those items specifically? Create a made-up story using the following words: You and three of your friends have gained entry into a worldwide Easter egg hunt with a big cash prize!

Describe the hunt from beginning to end, including whether or not your team is the winner. While the holiday is full of candy eggs and decorative eggs, sometimes the best kind of egg is one you cook.

What is the tastiest kind of egg you've ever had and why was it so good? What are some other foods that have eggs in them that you enjoy?

Did you enjoy these Easter writing prompts? Buy a book full of holiday writing prompts today!Second Grade Writing First Trimester Creative writing —journal writing, holiday writing, picture prompt writing, etc.

Journal writing—may or may not be combined with creative writing—can be used for writing process and sequencing, revision, and other style lessons. Excited to learn more about first grade?

Use these first grade educational resources Differentiated Resources · Award-winning · Free · Teacher-reviewedTypes: Worksheets, Games, Lesson Plans, Songs, Stories.

These writing center ideas for first grade are great for inspiring lots of creative writing fun! This pretend poem shop is an imaginative and educational way to spend a rainy day. Story Starters for Kids Creative writing focuses on self-expression and teaches kids the basic rules of language.

These Story Starters for Kids are printable activities that are great to help improve creative writing skills or just write a story for fun. We'll have to prepare the folder for download. It shouldn't take long. If you continue then we'll email you when it's ready, or you can download resources one-by-one inside the folder.

The packet for classroom use includes the Pumpkin Worksheets for Kindergarten-First Grade AND the page set of Pumpkin Scissor Skills Worksheets. This .

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