Assessing the attitudes shown towards gladiators

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Assessing the attitudes shown towards gladiators

That database contains licensed materials, student work, class notes and other protected content. In short, we are not opening that database up, so get over it.

That we have such a database is not the justification you seem to think it is. You use the lack of a google cite as the basis for your objection to that cite?

Google is a great tool, but it is far from a complete tool, especially when looking for theses google isn't even on the list of places Harvard recommends looking for theses. The citation itself you know, the one I put in this thread should be more than adequate for anyone who knows how to do a basic literature review to track it down, but since you clearly don't know how to do that, I suggest you make use of the OCLC number for the thesis provided on thesis page, in this case the OCLC number is and go into your local academic library to request the thesis through inter-library loan.

Mary's charged an ILL fee for this item, and it had to go through an academic library, though that was in Raven, you have admitted that you don't know much about the subject of circus and bob has remained silent on the issue, leading me to believe he knows little about it himself.

The fact that in a very short amount of time less than half an hour I pointed out, cited and sourced half a dozen issues with the main article, issues that you and Bob didn't know anything about means I probably know a good deal more about the subject matter than both of you I found 22 errors, but I wasn't pulling books out of the library to source them for this.

Get some help from someone that knows a thing or two about the industry. Learn a little about the industry before you make judgments about what is and is not valuable information. From where I sit, your ignorance on the subject of the main article is striking.

Google can't see it or is ignoring it -- not even a simple string search on the content freely available returns anything.

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If you want a better test, choose a circus topic and research that with google. You won't get far before hitting simply circus pages rolling globe, aerial fabric, aerial lyra, flag spinning, the list goes on and on.

Assessing the attitudes shown towards gladiators

Even better than that, research a specific circus topic without touching our sites, and then compare that with what you get using the information in our site. The Cleanup procedure requests that I write a note here on why, so: The first part of the article is just a load of lists The middle is entirely taken over by a discussion of juggling, placed at the same document-level as other acts The quasi-rant against animal acts, while I may agree with it, doesn't fit in with the rest of the article.

Agreed, the rant should be removed. Anyone know if their is a more apropreate article in the encyclopedia somewhere we could like to for coverage the for lack of a better term rant?

Removed thread on cleaning up skills area. Skills moved to circus skills page. Breaking out large sections[ edit ] Anyone with the energy is welcome to start breaking the lists into paragraphs, and the juggling section should be broken out to separate articles I'm focusing on the juggling part for the next few days.

Pedant July 6 I didn't see it, and I don't have time to look for it right now. There maybe should be a paragraph that mentions animal mistreatment, as the circus is one of the areas where animals are sometimes horribly treated, though, I have to say that not all circuses mistreat animals, if you can excuse keeping an animal in a cage.

In some circuses, the animals are treated like rock stars. Watch some of the Ringling Bros elephant training videos for some education. Anyone know of any famous hat manglers? A few European Gypsy families became involved in the circus, but they are a tiny minority among the circus community.

However, in some cases the great fame of particular families may give a different impression; for example the Bouglione family in France, who proudly boast their Romani ancestry. Hopefully this will not be another case of censorship on Wikipedia.Moya K.

Assessing the attitudes shown towards gladiators

Mason is a professional freelance researcher, book researcher, research consultant, fact checker, writer, editor, information scientist, and project manager. Assessing the Attitudes Shown Towards Gladiators by Roman Society. Essays: Over , Assessing the Attitudes Shown Towards Gladiators by Roman Society.

Essays, Assessing the Attitudes Shown Towards Gladiators by Roman Society. Term Papers, Assessing the Attitudes Shown Towards Gladiators by Roman Society. Research .

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria.

Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from Assess Attitudes Shown Towards Gladiators by Roman Society Essay Assess attitudes shown towards gladiators by Roman society.

Through 21st Century eyes the idea of gladiators fighting to the death, and of an amphitheatre where such brutality could take place watched by an enthusiastic audience, represents the cruel face of Roman Society. Assessing the Attitudes Shown Towards Gladiators by Roman Society.

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