Artist cooperative business plan

REC will capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high quality entertainment.

Artist cooperative business plan

Resources What is an Artist Cooperative? Artist cooperatives are most commonly created for marketing purposes, which may include sharing retail or gallery space, marketing over the Internet, or publishing and distributing a catalog.

Artist cooperatives, however, can also be formed to purchase expensive equipment that can be shared e.

artist cooperative business plan

Benefits of Artist Cooperatives Marketing benefits: An artist cooperative provides its artist-members the ability to show and sell their art or crafts in a way that they may not be able to on their own and may provide more opportunities for market contact.

More independence and control: Without having to work through a middleman or dealer, an artist-member may assume more independence in what he or she creates, how the work is priced, and can more closely control its distribution.

By jointly hiring a gallery or store manager, artist-members can, on the other hand, market their work in a traditional space without having to participate in the day-to-day managing of the space.

Equipment sharing and supply discounts: Many artist cooperatives that have retail or gallery space work on a consignment basis.

Artist cooperatives can provide a higher consignment rate because they eliminate the middleman or the dealer. An artist cooperative may provide its members with opportunities to learn more about working with galleries and retail stores and about technical business matters generally, such as obtaining insurance and accounting.

artist cooperative business plan

While some states have cooperative-specific statutes, they may be specific to certain types of cooperatives such as agricultural cooperatives. LLCs, however, are a common choice because of their flexibility.

Some artist cooperatives may require members to provide capital to finance the cooperative in proportion to their anticipated use i.

Some artist cooperatives may charge an artist-member a specified percentage of a sale to be retained by the cooperative for expenses.

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Some artist cooperatives may require its members to pay an annual membership fee. Artist-members may be required to contribute a specified amount of time to a retail store or gallery operated by the cooperative.

Be sure to read our page on employment laws to learn more about limitations on volunteering. Additionally, an artist cooperative may establish a set of standards to determine what types of items will be accepted and the minimum quality accepted.

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I am forming business plans now and will have 2 separate plans ready to go when licensing is available. Cristina Acosta came to the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center in to expand her Art and Design business. A gifted artist who had previously enjoyed much success as a tile designer, Cristina set her sights on building her business as an artist and colorist.

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